Your anti-gun control logic is murdering our children

We are well past the point of needing common-sense gun control laws in this country. The tipping point should have been Sandy Hook, when our young children were slaughtered in an elementary school classroom and forced to pay for our sins. The news of yet another mass shooting almost fell on deaf ears as the country was already reeling from an endless news cycle and an upending mid-term election.

After all the thoughts and prayers have been exhausted and the “now’s not the time to politicize this” statements are made, we still have to live with the fact that we’ve done nothing to make Americans safer. In fact, in the wake of these events, we see the automatons come out in force with their inane arguments for why gun control won’t work or why it’s un-American to even suggest it. I’m going to look at some of these arguments a little closer to dispel each with more detail.

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